Shoulder/Rotator Cuff Injuries


Shoulder injuries can be such a nagging condition that people often get frustrated. The shoulder is a unique joint in that it is primarily built for movement. The majority of the other joints in your body are supported and stabilized by major ligaments surrounding them. The shoulder joint is primarily stabilized by muscles surrounding the shoulder called “the rotator cuff” muscles. These muscles are what allow you to have such a vast range of motion. When these muscles get strained or, even worse, torn, it begins to throw your shoulder out of normal functionality and creates pain.
The first thing you need to do is to get evaluated by a doctor to assess which muscles are being affected and to what severity. Often times the doctor will recommend the patient get an MRI to see the extent of the damage done to the shoulder. When a complete tear is present in the rotator cuff, surgery may be required to fix this problem. Oftentimes, when you have a partial tear, your shoulder can over compensate and continue to function normally by rehabilitating the rotator cuff muscles to help support the muscle or tendons that may have been torn.
What can I do to help my shoulder?
Allow your shoulder time to heal. Lay off from working out or doing any type of activity that may aggravate your shoulder condition. Avoid sleeping on the shoulder completely. The best position for sleeping would be on your back facing up so as not to irritate your shoulder more. Began a daily regimen of exercising your rotator cuff muscles. By helping and strengthening the other rotator cuff muscles in your shoulder joint, your supporting muscles will help compensate and stabilize your shoulder. Make sure you see your doctor first to get your shoulder evaluated before trying these exercises. Your Chiropractic Doctor can evaluate your shoulder and educate you on what type of exercises to do to help improve your condition. Surgery should always be considered as a last option.